Imlie May 2024 Teasers


Imlie and Agasthya face challenges, together with assaults, blackmail, and misunderstandings. Viswa’s arrival brings surprises, together with his connection to Agasthya and Imlie. Imlie advocates for Shivani’s fact to be revealed to her future in-laws. Sonali exposes Amrit’s conspiracy, and Annapurna apologizes to Imlie for judging her swiftly. Learn Imlie May 2024 Teasers

Imlie May 2024 Teasers

Wednesday 1st May 2024

Annapurna urges Imlie and Agasthya to go to her uncle, however he declines. Imlie encounters hassle when attacked by goons on her method again.

Thursday 2nd May 2024

Agastya confronts the goons and breaks down at Imlie’s state. Regardless of his makes an attempt to assist, she avoids him.

Friday third May 2024

Agastya makes an attempt to consolation the traumatised Imlie. In the meantime, Amrit, assembly Imlie, expresses pleasure but in addition makes hurtful remarks.

Saturday 4th May 2024

Mrs. Chintamani accuses Agastya of a previous being pregnant and abortion with Nayonika. Imlie defends Agastya and Nayonika, taking a stand.

Sunday fifth May 2024

Agastya is shocked when Imlie calls for cash in trade for saving his life. Later, Sonali confronts Amrit about flirting at Imlie’s bar.

Monday sixth May 2024

Agastya departs after Sonali humiliates him. Imlie searches for him, endeavouring to understand his feelings.

Tuesday seventh May 2024

Annapurna rejoices as Imlie brings Atharva residence. Agastya confides his sorrow in Imlie, turning into emotional.

Wednesday eighth May 2024

Agastya and Annapurna are alarmed by the workplace fireplace and concern for the employees. The police inform Agastya a couple of case in opposition to him.

Thursday ninth May 2024

Anupama frets over the costs’ repercussions. Amrit threatens to jail Agastya if Imlie doesn’t adjust to him.

Friday tenth May 2024

Imlie playfully teases Agastya by dancing within the rain, however he will get attacked and cornered by goons. Fortuitously, a stranger arrives to rescue him.

Saturday eleventh May 2024

Amrit coerces Imlie into singing on the bar and divulges her fact to Annapurna. Later, Imlie takes duty for mendacity to the household to guard Agastya.

Sunday twelfth May 2024

Agastya’s uncle and aunt uncover Amrit’s deception and the way he blackmailed Imlie. Agastya goes to Imlie’s bar to take her again with him.

Monday thirteenth May 2024

Imlie feels scared by somebody following her. Agastya buys Imlie’s home and makes an attempt to coerce her into returning with him.

Tuesday 14th May 2024

Amrit berates Jugnu for exposing his blackmailing of Imlie. Agastya requests Imlie to faux as his spouse and return to the Choudhary home.

Wednesday fifteenth May 2024

Imlie visits Agastya’s home upon his aunt’s request, however Agastya mistakenly believes she’s there for cash. In the meantime, Agastya extends friendship to Viswa.

Thursday sixteenth May 2024

Agastya admires Imlie throughout Diwali celebrations. Nevertheless, Imlie accuses him of setting the store fireplace and discloses the reality to Sonali.

Friday seventeenth May 2024

Sonali requests Imlie to maintain Amrit’s actions secret till she discovers the reality. Annapurna humiliates Imlie when she makes an attempt to take part within the rituals.

Saturday 18th May 2024

Imlie endeavours to influence the household to reveal Shivani’s fact to her future in-laws, however Annapurna disregards her recommendation and urges her to remain out of it.

Sunday nineteenth May 2024

Viswa’s mom cancels the marriage upon studying Shivani’s fact, however Imlie advocates for Shivani. Finally, Viswa convinces his mom to rethink.

Monday twentieth May 2024

Annapurna and Agastya insult Imlie for accepting cash to attend the marriage. Sonali exposes Amrit because the one who conspired in opposition to the household.

Tuesday twenty first May 2024

Annapurna apologises to Imlie for judging her swiftly. Agastya additionally apologises, however a stunning revelation emerges.

Wednesday twenty second May 2024

Agastya is stunned to find that Viswa has bought the outhouse. Imlie asserts it’s not a coincidence and claims Viswa has been following Agastya.

Thursday twenty third May 2024

Imlie seeks clarification after noticing Agastya’s apparent concern for her. The distressing assault on Chandu leaves Agastya and Imlie deeply distressed.

Friday twenty fourth May 2024

The Chaudharys are shocked by Navya’s surprising resolution. Imlie confronts Navya and assures her that her previous received’t disrupt the marriage’s concord.

Saturday twenty fifth May 2024

Imlie and Agastya hurry to rescue Bulbul from a suicide try. Later, Imlie feels uneasy when Agastya finds her diary stuffed with ideas about him.

Sunday twenty sixth May 2024

Annapurna is haunted by the previous upon studying Viswa’s deceased father’s title. Imlie is shocked to witness Bulbul conversing with Karan exterior her home.

Monday twenty seventh May 2024

Imlie accuses Karan of getting an affair with Bulbul, however they deny it. Agastya calls Bulbul to the home to uncover the reality.

Tuesday twenty eighth May 2024

Imlie is shocked by Bulbul’s being pregnant. Nevertheless, the Choudharys misread when Pallo asks Imlie to rearrange Bulbul and Karan’s marriage ceremony.

Wednesday twenty ninth May 2024

Annapurna accuses Agastya of misinterpreting Imlie’s intentions and calls for he go away her alone. One other misunderstanding arises between Agastya and Imlie.

Thursday thirtieth May 2024

Imlie intends to show Agastya a lesson for his false accusations in opposition to her. She secretly visits the Choudhary home and spots Bulbul there.

Friday thirty first May 2024

Imlie encourages Karan to reveal Bulbul’s fact to the Choudharys. She implements a plan to ease the stress between Agastya and Annapurna.

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