My Desire May 2024 Teasers


Kaashvi and Arjun work collectively, whereas Mahima schemes to create misunderstandings between them. Kaashvi and Arjun develop nearer, however Mahima’s actions threaten to wreck their relationship. Kaashvi faces challenges and hazard, together with being blamed for sabotaging Arjun’s manufacturing unit inauguration. Learn My Desire May 2024 Teasers

My Desire May 2024 Teasers

Wednesday 1st May 2024

Mahima asks Arjun to observe dancing together with her since Mohit is struggling to be taught the steps.

Thursday 2nd May 2024

When Kaashvi asks Arjun about his tattoo, he fabricates a narrative about it. Nitya turns into livid with Kaashvi for disobeying her orders.

Friday third May 2024

Kaashvi defies Nitya’s order and assists an injured baby in reaching the hospital. Because the baby falls right into a coma, Kaashvi turns into anxious.

Saturday 4th May 2024

Nitya’s outburst at Kaashvi leaves her in tears. In the meantime, Mahima’s scheme to create a misunderstanding between Kaashvi and Arjun places him in peril.

Sunday fifth May 2024

Kaashvi discovers Arjun in an embarrassing scenario and assists him in resolving it. Later, she learns that Golu has handed away and blames Nitya for it.

Monday sixth May 2024

When Nitya is questioned by larger authorities about Golu’s demise, Kaashvi testifies in opposition to her. In consequence, Nitya is suspended as a result of Kaashvi’s testimony.

Tuesday seventh May 2024

Nitya calls for Arjun kick Kaashvi out of the home, however Arjun defends her actions. In the meantime, Mohit’s mom presents a surprising situation for the marriage.

Wednesday eighth May 2024

Kaashvi is outraged by Mohit’s mom’s feedback and stands as much as defend Mahima. In the meantime, Arjun turns into involved as Kaashvi is assigned a harmful activity.

Thursday ninth May 2024

Mirchi Langra disarms the guards and escapes from Kaashvi’s custody. The police commissioner questions Kaashvi’s integrity and holds her chargeable for the escape.

Friday tenth May 2024

Pretending to have an damage throughout the Sangeet, Nitya meets Mirchi Langra and plans his escape to jeopardise Kaashvi’s profession.

Saturday eleventh May 2024

Nitya orchestrates Mirchi Langra’s re-arrest to coerce him into giving a pretend confession. Later, Kaashvi is shocked when Mirchi claims that she aided his escape.

Sunday twelfth May 2024

Nitya’s rage intensifies as her scheme to border Kaashvi is thwarted. Arjun holds Nitya chargeable for the failure, prompting her to plot one other sinister plan.

Monday thirteenth May 2024

Nitya turns into frightened as she envisions the potential consequence of the case. In the meantime, Kaashvi resolves to admit her like to Arjun and prepares a shock for him.

Tuesday 14th May 2024

Kaashvi informs the legal professionals that Dr. Chopra is chargeable for Golu’s demise. After being acquitted, Nitya prepares to execute her new plan.

Wednesday fifteenth May 2024

Mahima persuades Kaashvi to put on matching outfits to the get together. Later, Mahima orchestrates Kaashvi’s elimination from the dance flooring and impersonates her in entrance of Arjun.

Thursday sixteenth May 2024

Arjun is livid after witnessing Mahima’s unusual behaviour and criticises her depraved intentions. Mahima finds herself in a decent spot when Mohit misbehaves together with her.

Friday seventeenth May 2024

Arjun intervenes and assaults Mohit for trying to assault Mahima, escorting her again dwelling. Romila and Nitya urge Mahima to drop the matter, however Kaashvi opposes, taking a stand.

Saturday 18th May 2024

Mohit’s mom seeks to reconcile, however Kaashvi cancels Mahima and Mohit’s wedding ceremony. Mahima apologises to Arjun and Kaashvi for her wrongdoing.

Sunday nineteenth May 2024

Mohit sneaks into Mahima’s room at night time and takes her out of the home. Later, Mahima and Mohit talk about the success of their plan to deceive Arjun and Kaashvi.

Monday twentieth May 2024

Kaashvi, Nitya and Arjun rescue Mahima, resulting in Mohit’s arrest. Later, Mahima’s nervousness escalates when she receives a blackmail message about Mohit and her secret.

Tuesday twenty first May 2024

Nitya reveals to Mahima that she is conscious of her scheme and accuses her of making an attempt to garner Arjun’s affection. Later, Arjun conducts an interview with Mahima.

Wednesday twenty second May 2024

Mahima pleads with Arjun for a job in his firm by making a misunderstanding. In the meantime, Arjun and Kaashvi plan a dinner date, however Mahima plots to wreck it.

Thursday twenty third May 2024

Kaashvi is shocked to see Arjun and Mahima embracing at his mission website. Later, Daadi expresses concern to Kaashvi about Mahima’s job at Arjun’s workplace.

Friday twenty fourth May 2024

Kaashvi visits the jail for an project and encounters Aruna. Aruna insists on her innocence, claiming somebody framed her for every thing.

Saturday twenty fifth May 2024

Kaashvi guarantees Aruna that she’ll examine who framed her. Nonetheless, upon discovering Digvijay’s will, she realises Nitya is the offender.

Sunday twenty sixth May 2024

Kaashvi turns into anxious upon studying the reality about her dad and mom’ homicide and Nitya’s true nature. In the meantime, Mahima executes her plan to forestall Arjun from returning dwelling.

Monday twenty seventh May 2024

When Arjun’s automobile breaks down, Mahima seizes the chance to get nearer to him. Kaashvi rushes to seek out Arjun upon receiving his location.

Tuesday twenty eighth May 2024

Kaashvi turns into livid upon seeing Arjun and Mahima collectively within the automobile. Nonetheless, her anger shifts when Arjun makes an attempt to motive together with her, revealing surprising information about Aruna.

Wednesday twenty ninth May 2024

Mahima discovers Arjun’s plan to admit his emotions to Kaashvi and resolves to thwart him. In the meantime, Kaashvi jeopardises her life to rescue a baby from a bull.

Thursday thirtieth May 2024

After listening to about Kaashvi’s situation, Arjun hurries to the hospital to see her. Kaashvi persuades Arjun to inaugurate the manufacturing unit on a set date.

Friday thirty first May 2024

Mahima and Nitya’s scheme succeeds as Kaashvi is blamed for sabotaging the inauguration of Arjun’s manufacturing unit. Kaashvi breaks down after Arjun confronts her, leaving her devastated.

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