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Ajooni On eExtra Full Story, Ajooni Vohra’s story is considered one of dedication and resilience, showcasing her unwavering spirit amidst challenges. Regardless of the preliminary variations between their households, Ajooni and Rajveer discover themselves drawn to one another, defying societal expectations. As they navigate their relationship, Ajooni’s dedication to combating for her rights stays sturdy. Raised in a household that values schooling and progressive beliefs, she courageously challenges custom.

Rajveer hails from a household deeply rooted in custom and superstition, creating hurdles for his or her love. Nevertheless, their connection transcends these boundaries, fueled by mutual respect and admiration.

Collectively, Ajooni and Rajveer embark on a journey of affection and self-discovery, overcoming obstacles alongside the way in which. Their story serves as an inspiration, encouraging others to embrace change and pursue happiness regardless of the percentages.

Title Ajooni
Channel eExtra
No. Of Seasons: One (1)
No. Of Episodes: 316
Changing Beyhdha
Premiere eighth Might 2024
Remaining Episode TBA
Authentic Title
Nation of origin India
Authentic Community Star Bharat
Authentic Launch August 2022 – July 2023
Dubbed English
Authentic Language Hindi
Time Slot Weekdays

Ajooni On eExtra Full Story

Certain, right here’s the story separated into paragraphs for higher readability:

The story is ready in Haryalipur, the place Ajooni and Avinash are to be engaged however then Ajooni unintentionally meets Rajveer out there and he falls for Ajooni – love at first sight, He begins stalking her and breaks her engagement with Avinash. After no choice left, Ajooni agrees to marry Rajveer.

After the wedding there are a lot of dramas. Rajveer’s youthful sister, Dolly plots towards Ajooni as she doesn’t like her. Ajooni helps Amanpreet, her sister-in-law. Harman and Dolly plots collectively. Avinash returns to Ajooni’s life. Ajooni isn’t initially happy along with her marriage, however over time she realizes Rajveer’s real love for her.

After time and difficulties for Ajooni she faces extra difficulties together with the time when Harvendra Singh Bagga doesn’t turn into a father After quite a lot of tries, he decides to marry Shikha, a woman who he has secretly meet however in actual Shikha simply needs all the cash, respect and property of the Baggas. After plotting tons of occasions Ajooni finds her secret and poses as Kamali, a brand new maid. Slowly she received nearer and nearer till Shikha and her boyfriend fall right into a entice.

Their secret is out however the cash that the Baggas had for mortgage was stolen by Ravindra’s youthful stepbrother Tejendra Singh Bagga and his son Shankar “Shanky” Singh Bagga. However all this was plotted by Tejendra’s evil and cruel mom, Amrit Jarnail Singh Bagga. Ravindra, after realizing this referred to as Tejendar to the Bagga home solely to humiliate and construct anger in Tejendra. However he is aware of a secret that no one else is aware of that’s he had switched Rajveer and Shanky at delivery however his good and naive spouse Kaveri Tejendra Singh Bagga informed Tejendra that when she noticed him switching Rajveer and Shanky she switched them again after Tejendra went away.

After scoldings by each Tejendra and Amrit they thought to themselves that they don’t learn about this so Tejendra breaks the information and the Baggas are shattered and Rajveer goes to Tejendra’s home and Shanky goes to the Bagga home. After having bother and punishment on the Bagga home Shanky is constructing his anger whereas at Tejendra’s home they’re inside out torturing Ajooni and Rajveer.

Ajooni On eExtra Full Story

With the reality about Gyaneshwar revealed, Shikha’s plans for taking on the property of the Baggas are thwarted. Ravindra’s generosity in the direction of Gyaneshwar and his adopted daughter Chikoo brings a way of justice and equity to the scenario.

Regardless of Shikha’s makes an attempt at manipulation and greed, the unity and integrity of the Bagga household prevail. Ravindra’s assurance to Gyaneshwar additional solidifies the bond of belief and respect between them.

Because the mud settles and the turmoil subsides, the Bagga household emerges stronger than ever, united of their resolve to uphold their values and defend their legacy. The celebration of reality and justice resonates all through Haryalipur, signaling a brand new period of concord and prosperity for the Bagga family.

With Shikha’s schemes foiled and Shanky’s reign of terror ended, peace lastly returns to the Bagga household. And as they give the impression of being in the direction of the longer term, they achieve this with renewed hope and dedication, realizing that collectively, they will overcome any problem that comes their approach.

Ajooni On eExtra Cast

  • Ayushi Khurana as Ajooni Bagga (nee Vohra): Neeru and Subhash’s daughter; Ravindra and Harman’s daughter-in regulation; Rajveer’s spouse; Avinash’s ex-fiancee; Meher and Bharat’s sister; Harvendra and Dolly’s sister-in regulation; Mrs. Vohra’s granddaughter; Manjyot and Jarnail’s granddaughter-in-law.
  • Shoaib Ibrahim as Rajveer Singh Bagga: Ravindra and Harman’s son; Neeru and Subhash’s son-in regulation; Harvendra and Dolly’s brother; Manjyot and Jarnail’s grandson; Ajooni’s husband.
  • Drisha Kalyani as Meher Vohra: Ajooni and Bharat’s youthful sister.
  • Pankaj Dheer as
    • Ravindra Singh Bagga: Rajveer, Harvendra and Dolly’s father; Harman’s husband; Ajooni’s father-in regulation; Manjyot and Jarnail’s son; Tejendra’s elder stepbrother; Amrit’s stepson; Gyaneshwar’s look alike.
    • Gyaneshwar Singh: A professor; Ravindra’s look alike.
  • Shraddha Singh as Harman Ravindra Singh Bagga: Rajveer, Harvendra and Dolly’s mom; Ravindra’s spouse; Ajooni’s mother-in regulation; Manjyot and Jarnail’s daughter-in-law.
  • Praveen Sirohi as Harvendra Singh Bagga.
  • Simran Khanna as Amanpreet Harvendra Singh Bagga.
  • Sonia Keswani as Dolly Singh Bagga.
  • Veena Kapoor as Manjyot Jarnail Singh Bagga: Jarnail’s first spouse; Ravindra’s mom; Rajveer, Harvendra and Dolly’s grandmother; Tejendra’s stepmother.
  • Jairoop Jeevan as Subhash Vohra.
  • Charul Bhavsar as Neeru Subhash Vohra.
  • Vedprakash Singh as Bharat Vohra
  • Seema Sharma as Mrs. Vohra: Subhash and Bindu’s mom; Ajooni, Meher and Bharat’s grandmother.
  • Namrata Kapoor as Bindu Vohra.
  • Kamal Malik as Kamal: Bindu’s husband.
  • Simarjeet Singh Nagra as Inspector Manjeet Singh Cheema.
  • Pallavi Sapra as Shikha Narula: Harvendra’s second spouse.
  • Gaurav Bajpai as Dr. Avinash Khanna: Ajooni’s former fiancé.
  • Ashok Pandey as Mr. Khanna: Dr. Avinash’s father.
  • Ajay Trehan / Manoj Jaiswal as Mr. Narula: Shikha’s father.
  • Tasneem Ali as Karuna Sharma: A social employee.
  • Arun Bakshi as Tejendra Singh Bagga: Amrit and Jarnail’s son; Kaveri’s husband; Shankar’s father; Ravindra’s youthful stepbrother; Manjyot’s stepson.
  • Shweta Gautam as Kaveri Tejendra Singh Bagga: Tejendra’s spouse; Shankar’s mom.
  • Robin Sohi as Shankar “Shanky” Singh Bagga: Tejendra and Kaveri’s son; Amrit and Jarnail’s grandson.
  • Nimisha Vakharia as Amrit Jarnail Singh Bagga: Jarnail’s second spouse; Tejendra’s mom; Shankar’s grandmother; Ravindra’s stepmother.
  • Abhimanyu Singh Gill as Akshay: An NRI; Meher’s love curiosity.
  • Sunil Nagar as Akshay’s father


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